Our beautiful outdoor area offers a wonderful backdrop to daily activities and invites your child to explore, create and imagine. Children also enjoy the large sand pit, climbing equipment and two spacious play areas that are perfect for a diverse range of organised outdoor activities.

This green space serves as a second classroom, where the children are taught to understand nature and sustainability. There’s a garden to explore, autumn leaves to gather and a vegetable patch for budding young gardeners.



Three well-equipped classrooms provide the setting for the day’s activities, play and learning. It is here that our educators set up experiences to help your child socialise, develop problem-solving skills, engage with literacy and numeracy concepts, develop fine motor abilities and express their creativity. Our educators know when to support a child who may be struggling or to extend a child who is ready to move on to the next step. They also modify these experiences daily, based on the learning interests and ongoing needs of each child.