Our preschool promotes healthy eating and nutrition.

Why? Because your child needs sustained energy to play and learn. They also need to be well hydrated. Each child brings a drink bottle, is reminded to have regular drinks throughout the day and bottles are checked and refilled as needed.

Children bring their own morning tea and lunch. Great foods to include are fresh fruits and vegetables (whole or in small pieces, like celery sticks), dried fruits, crackers or biscuits, cheese, yoghurt and sandwiches. Other ideas is having rice or pasta in a thermos to keep warm for lunch.


Your child will also be encouraged to develop independence by putting their morning tea in the esky each morning, getting their lunch box from their bag at lunch time, and returning their boxes to their bags after eating. They’ll also discuss nutrition, healthy foods and sustainability with the others at mealtimes—identifying food scraps that can be put in the worm farm to limit packaging and recycling.

Our preschool is nut-free due to allergy issues.

We celebrate birthdays at preschool and your child is welcome to bring a special treat for each child in their group. This may be cupcakes, ice blocks, mini donuts or other sharable treats.