The philosophy of Christ Church Gladesville Preschool is founded on and shaped by Christian beliefs.  


Recognising the value of the God-given potential in each child, we support the following principles: 



... to this community and feeling safe and secure in their relationships. We nurture your child’s unique gifts, interests and personality.


... the person they are, enjoying and engaging in every day life. We foster your child’s sense of themselves as competent learners and skilled communicators.


... the person they will be, and acknowledging the changes that will happen as they grow and learn. We inspire your child’s delight in life and learning including preschool and their transition to school.


Diversity is celebrated

We value diversity and our preschool community is made up of families from many different cultural backgrounds. Your family is invited to help celebrate this diversity by taking part in the preschool program and sharing aspects of your culture with your child’s class.



Our inclusive model of education means children with additional needs are well supported and can participate fully in the preschool program. Please speak to our educators if you would like to know more.



Supporting belonging, being and becoming, and celebrating diversity and inclusiveness, are principles supported by current Early Childhood theory and practice. They guide our professional approach and our commitment to excellence.