We are committed to building a strong and safe community where your family finds support and encouragement and your child feels a sense of belonging. 


We invite all parents to play an active role in our program—sharing your skills and interests with the children to help broaden their minds and experience. You may wish to read your child’s favourite book to their group, play an instrument, bring a pet or help with craft—anything that builds connection!


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We also encourage you to form friendships with other parents. Preschool drop-off and pick-up times provide the perfect opportunity for this. A ‘Group Parent’ is also elected each year to organise social activities for parents to enjoy together—like having coffee, going to dinner or gathering in the park during school holidays.




Our community ties extend beyond the preschool. We have longstanding and positive relationships with local schools that help smooth your child’s transition to more formal schooling. We also have strong ties with local businesses and services. This includes Gladesville Fire Station, whose fire fighters visit to educate the children about fire safety and to show them the fire truck.