The Seven Quality Areas of the National Quality Framework 


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Quality Area 1 - Educational program and practice

The Quality Area Educational program and practice requires education and care services to have an educational program that meets children’s individual learning and development needs. The knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests of your child should be incorporated into the program, with continuous assessment of your child’s learning and development.

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Quality Area 2 - Children’s health and safety

The Quality Area Children’s health and safety focuses on supporting and promoting children’s health and safety while attending education and care services. You should expect your child’s service to have policies and procedures in place on healthy eating, children’s safety, dealing with any injury or illness, and preventing harm to children.

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Quality Area 3 - Physical environment

The Quality Area Physical environment focuses on the physical environment at an education and care service. The environment must be safe, suitable and provide a rich and diverse range of experiences promoting children’s learning and development.

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Quality Area 4 - Staffing arrangements

The Quality Area Staffing arrangements requires services to ensure they are meeting adequate staffing arrangements as required under the National Quality Framework. This means the provision of qualified and experienced staff who are able to develop warm, respectful relationships with children, create safe and predictable environments and encourage children’s active engagement in the learning program.

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Quality Area 5 - Relationships with children

The Quality Area Relationships with children is about building relationships with children at education and care services that are responsive and respectful and promote children’s sense of security and belonging. These relationships allow children to freely explore their environment and engage in play and learning.

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Quality Area 6 - Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

The Quality Area Collaborative partnerships with families and communities encourages the development of collaborative partnerships with families and communities. These relationships are fundamental to achieving quality outcomes for children and require active communication, consultation and collaboration.

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Quality Area 7 - Leadership and service management

The Quality Area Leadership and service management focuses on effective leadership and service management. It is important to ensure quality environments for children’s learning and development are a priority. Good service leadership and management should have well-documented policies, procedures and records, shared values, clear direction, and reflective practices to enable the service to function as a learning community. An ongoing cycle of planning and review, including engagement with families, creates the climate for continuous quality improvement.

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